QLD Electric Vehicle Subsidy

A $3,000 electric vehicle subsidy has been introduced in QLD - what do you need to know and what other factors are there to consider?

Electric vehicles are well and truly on the rise in Australia, and the Queensland government has just announced a subsidy that will provide Queenslanders a $3,000 rebate for electric vehicles with a purchase price of less than $58,000. The policy will be in place for the next three years, granting a fantastic opportunity for those eager to make the switch to electric vehicles and clean energy. 

With fuel prices reaching record highs, electric vehicles are picking up popularity. The $3,000 subsidy is likely just the beginning, and as more begin to surface, EVs will become more financially viable for Australians. Car manufacturers such as Tesla, MG, Hyundai, and Nissan already have models available for purchase in Australia, but every day brings news of other big brands releasing plans for EV production.

If you're considering making the switch, you'll need help to make your electric vehicle viable for your home. The addition of solar and EV Chargers is necessary to create a seamless, clean energy system from which you can charge your car at home using electricity directly from the sun. By charging your EV from solar, you can ensure you're running your vehicle at no additional cost. With the addition of batteries, you also have the option to charge your EV overnight for stress-free charging and assurance of a full car battery for the following day. 

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We recommend an integrated system that includes the installation of PV solar for your home, a battery to store excess solar energy, and an EV charger to enable you to charge from your garage or driveway. A complete and well-rounded system such as this one will provide reliable, long-lasting energy for not only your car but for your entire home. 

With the help of our solar, battery, and electric vehicle experts, we can design and install a custom solar system that is unique to your home and your energy requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we use only the most trusted brands and quality components that will ensure your system fulfils your family’s energy needs for years to come. Contact us today using the form below to find out more. 


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