These Iconic Aussie Businesses Are Switching to Solar, And Are Now Saving Over $18k a Year On Bills

Clubs across Brisbane are powering their premises with solar, and it is (literally) paying off.

As Australia makes its way toward net-zero emissions by 2050, Clubs across Queensland are being sure to not get left behind.

With high energy consumption loads that continue to increase with yearly growth, Clubs are staying ahead of the game in ensuring they are prepared for the eco-generation wave.

Springers Solar director, Eddie Springer, has worked closely with Club owners to understand their unique energy and sustainability goals, and to form strategies that ensure all economic and environmental boxes are being ticked. 

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Club Pine Rivers in Lawnton, QLD - 100kW solar system installed by Springers Solar.

CEO of Club Pine Rivers, Steve Ratcliffe, said he had a clear goal of reducing the Club’s carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable business to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer

“We’re pushing towards becoming a very green club and are doing a lot of things in the green space,” Steve said.

“Not just with solar but also with the amount of water that we save off our structures, the amount of waste we return, and going paperless.”

Another driver for Steve was the reality of saving upwards of $18,000 every year on the Club’s electricity bill.

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Kedron-Wavell Services Club also installed a 100kW system to maximise their energy reduction, save big on their power bills, and increase profit margins by tens of thousands.

As Clubs continue to expand and renovate, necessary overheads such as lighting, air conditioning, cool rooms, and gaming equipment all increase in usage and cost. 

A well-designed solar system unique to the property’s site location and energy requirements can shave a substantial portion off the power bill, leaving more funds to invest elsewhere in the business.

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Kedron-Wavell Services Club in Chermside, QLD - 100kW solar system installed by Springers Solar.

Aside from environmental and economic factors, installing solar also demonstrates a proactive and personal approach toward climate issues - a stance that some business owners underestimate the power of influence this has over consumers.

In a climate-conscious world fixated on cancel culture, it is necessary for Clubs and businesses alike to ensure their image remains in touch. 

Read more about the benefits of commercial solar here.

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Kedron-Wavell Services Club in Chermside, QLD.

Going green is an incredibly effective marketing tool for improving brand imagery as there is plenty to leverage - environmental responsibility, community care, and eco-friendly ethos are just a few key terms that strike consumers privy to a business's green brand equity.

Business owners shouldn’t be afraid to market their ‘greenness’ - it achieves wonders for customers’ overall impression of the brand and business values, particularly when compared to competitors unwilling to have the same approach.

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The Sands Social at Sandgate, QLD - 93kW solar system installed by Springers Solar.

The Sands Social at Club Sandgate displayed their 93kW Springers solar installation amid their recent renovations on social media, exemplifying their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and doing their part to better the Sandgate community.

The Club, once simply a local icon, has rebranded and transformed into something much more - a picture of modern business, that while retaining its historic roots, serves the community with great food, a great space, and a great ethos. 

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