Australian Bulk Foods

SolarEdge Q Cells Panels

39.9kW system including 110 Q Cells 350W Q.MAXX-G2 Solar Modules
SolarEdge 30kW Three Phase Inverter

Australian Bulk Foods is a Brisbane based wholesale confectionery distributor, specialising in manufacturing and importing confectionery from Australia and around the world. 

The team at ABF reached out to Springer Solar to create a customised clean energy solution to reduce their reliance to the grid and reduce their monthly energy bills. With the warehouse and office facilities open during daylight hours, installing a solar system was the most effective energy alternative, allowing them to consume the energy as it is produced. 

Springers Solar installed installed 110 SolarEdge optimised Q Cells Q.MAXX-G2 solar modules and a SolarEdge 30kW 3ph inverter to help ABF achieve their energy goals.

Since installing this system in 2020, ABF has been able to reduce their energy bills by roughly 75% and save upwards of $12, 500 per annum. With approximately 90% of their daily energy need snow covered by solar, this system should pay for itself in just over 2 years. If you would like to see some of our other projects, click here.