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About Q CELLS...

Q CELLS combines superior German technology, quality engineering and manufacturing excellence to produce some of the industry's most trusted products. As the largest manufacturer of solar cells and one of the largest PV module manufacturers globally, the company has worldwide energy sustainability at the forefront of its ideology. With a heavy focus on research & development, Q CELLS has developed modules with advanced technological innovations to deliver exceptional performance. 

The company has won several awards for its PV products, such as the Solar Industry Award for module manufacturing innovation in 2015. Q CELLS is the smart choice for Australian homes and businesses with a team of expert engineers located in Sydney to assist in customer support, project planning and warranty claims. 



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  • Nominal Power - 345-360Wp
  • Efficiency - Up to 20.4%
  • Q.ANTUM Duo Technology - Lower levelised cost of electricity     
  • 15 Year Product & 25 Year Performance Warranty


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  • Nominal Power - 340-355Wp
  • Efficiency - Up to 20.1%
  • Q.ANTUM Duo Technology - Lower levelised cost of electricity     
  • 25 Year Product Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty


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  • Nominal Power - 420-435 Wp    
  • Efficiency - Up to 20.3%
  • Q.ANTUM Duo Technology - Lower levelised cost of electricity     
  • 15 Year Product & 25 Year Performance Warranty
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Q.ANTUM DUO Technology 

More Light. More Performance. More Electricity. - Q.ANTUM Technology 

Q.ANTUM DUO Technology allows for advanced cell performance and increased yields. Each cell has 6 busbars allowing for a shorter distance between each resulting in less resistance and congestion and an increase in power. Modules equipped with this technology have optimised shading behaviour allowing the panel to operate independently to reduce the impact of shading to increase energy yields. These modules display impressive performance under real-life conditions and also best-in-class performance parameters of 98% power after the first year and 85% after 25 years. 

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The solar industry has been going through constant restructuring due to global overcapacity and price pressure. Between 2011and 2015, more than 100 solar companies went bankrupt, became insolvent, assigned to creditors or acquired by other businesses. Such volatility highlights the importance of choosing a secure enough of a solar company, which will be able to honour the warranty it provides with its products.


Q CELLS (NASDAQ: HQCL) is a part of Hanwha Group, a Global Fortune 500 Company established in 1952 with over 55 Billion USD in total revenue and over 159 Billion USD in total assets. Hanwha Group has over 67 years' history of financial stability and with Hanwha Group's backing, Q CELLS is more than able to stand 25-year warranty. All considered Q CELLS is arguably the most secure solar company.

Q CELLS Australia

Q CELLS has supported the Australian community since 2009, longer than any other manufacturer currently on the market. With products developed specifically for Australian climates, unparalleled local support, and comprehensive testing facilities both in laboratories and in the field, we are the trusted provider for Australian consumers.

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