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The Springers Solar Guide to 12V Electrics: Part 2 – RV Daily

This guide will give you the pros and cons of lithium batteries and why they might actually be the most economical choice. Last issue we looked at 12V batteries in general and just touched on lithium batteries. Without possibly realising it, you have had lithium...

Powered by Springers: The Efficiency of Lithium Systems

Springers Solar recently completed a system for a customer who wanted to live off-grid while travelling Australia, running fridges, lights, fans, sockets, inverters and more. We sat down with the customer and reviewed daily loads; designing a system that would allow...

The Springers Solar Guide to 12V Electrics: Part 1 – RV Daily

Where would we be without batteries? Perhaps hand cranking our cars, eating canned food and drinking hot beer on our tours of the countryside. We often forget about them but we certainly know it when we have a flat battery. To get the best out of our batteries, we...


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