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The Springers Solar Guide to 12V Electrics: Part 1 – RV Daily

Where would we be without batteries? Perhaps hand cranking our cars, eating canned food and drinking hot beer on our tours of the countryside. We often forget about them but we certainly know it when we have a flat battery. To get the best out of our batteries, we...

All Electric Homes save Thousands over Gas

Report by The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) New homes that are all-electric and have solar power will save their owners thousands of dollars compared to new homes with dual fuel (gas and electric) and no solar, according to a new report by the Alternative...

High Commercial Electricity Bills without Solar?

I see electricity bills every day and know straight away when looking at a bill whether or not someone is on a good electricity plan or if it needs to be reviewed. Even without the benefits of solar moving to a better electricity plan will enable large savings for an...


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