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QLD's Worst Electricity Bill

As the cost of living crisis worsens, we're releasing a five-part series that aims to help you understand your electricity bill and identify ways to reduce your charges.

Electricity retailers won't go out of their way to make your bills easy to understand... the more confusing they are, the more likely you are to pay for unnecessary rates. 

If you think you might be a contender for QLD's worst electricity bill, we'd love to see it - send us a screenshot or a copy of your bill and we'll provide a free analysis and recommendations for how you can reduce those charges. 

Our Bill Hunter series will explore five bill types in depth:

1. Flat rates and off-peak charges

2. Flat rates with demand charges (coming soon)

3. Commercial demand electricity bills (coming soon)

4. Electricity bills when you have a solar system (coming soon)

5. Electricity bills when you have a solar system and a battery (coming soon)

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1. Flat Rates and Off-Peak Charges

Flat rates are the most common electricity bill tariff you will find in residential households. The off-peak charge is a separate charge for your hot water system. 

Find out if you have this type of electricity bill and how you can reduce your rates.

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