Our commitment to reducing our impact, because greener is greater.

Our Mission

We encourage clean energy acquisition and empower smart energy solutions with solar to transition Queensland to a greener and greater future.

Our Drivers

We recognise the importance of building a more sustainable planet. 

We are determined to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment, and we endeavour to align our practices with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to contribute our part in Queensland.

Electric Vehicles

We are transitioning to an all-electric fleet to reduce petrol and diesel emissions. 

Solar Energy

We offset a large portion of our energy usage with solar. 

Plastic Waste

We aim to reduce packaging and plastic waste in our warehouses.


We aim to reduce pressure on landfills by sorting and recycling our waste from installs and projects.


We aim to reduce the pressure of e-waste by upcycling components and materials.

Community Support

We support our community with donations and charity events.

Our Commitments to the Future

We are committed to continuously improving our processes to reduce our impact on the environment. This includes exploring how we can adopt a sustainable circular economy approach as well as an electronic waste management system to further align with our mission.

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