North Brisbane Off-Grid Solar

25kW - 40kW Victron Inverters Q Cells BYD Batteries

The homeowner of this gorgeously-set property in North Brisbane had a clear goal in mind: eliminate his dependence on the electric grid. The owner reached out to our team and our in-house engineers designed a system that would pack a punch with efficient solar consumption and battery storage that would last.

Springers Solar installed a 31.59kW Q Cells QPeak Solar Array and a custom designed Fronius and Victron Energy AC coupled system incorporating a 92.4kWh BYD battery bank. This system has been designed as a stand alone power system with auto start generator and enough battery capacity to last even the worst inclement weather.

This homeowner is now proudly living off-grid with 100% of his power being sourced from his solar and battery installation. 

An off-grid lifestyle is achievable with the correct planning and team behind you, to ensure that you are making the most of your resources to create ultimate efficiency. 

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