Understanding reactive power for your solar inverter

While reactive power has no value in powering electrical devices, it does perform valuable functions to help power move more efficiently. An RPC setting of 0.9 lagging or lower is mandatory on all exporting inverters rated above 2kVA and up to 30kVA and connected to... READ MORE
Home Battery Storage

Home Battery Storage

House monitoring is the key for unlocking home battery storage potential. With Enphase Energy’s new Envoy S metered communications gateway you now have all your house and solar data needed to determine the best sized battery system for your house. The information is... READ MORE

Tesla Powerwall release

Origin Energy has been the first company to release the Tesla Power Wall Battery system. According to the Financial review on Thursday Elon Musk from Tesla said that this system will be released with a package through Origin Energy. Arch rivals AGL Energy and Energy... READ MORE

The history of Springers Solar

The start-up story to Springers Solar begins when Brian and Cheryl Springer with eldest son Joe started Springers Solar in 2002 to fill a gap in the market that wasn’t being met. We already had the technical skills, we had recently successfully sold a small business,... READ MORE

Enphase Energy – dedicated to quality

Enphase Energy is dedicated to bringing an unprecedented level of quality and reliability to the solar industry. Learn how Enphase ensures its products are designed, manufactured, and supported with the highest level of... READ MORE

Going off grid…is it a good idea?

Going off grid with battery storage. There is very active discussion advising clients that once battery technology is cheap enough then taking your house off the grid is viable. Springers Solar do not recommend this even with the anticipated reduction in battery... READ MORE

What you need to know about 12V Lithium Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are making a big impact on the RV and home storage market and our staff at   Springers Solar are well equipped to answer your questions about them.  We design energy systems for RV, Residential and Commercial markets and Lithium batteries are now... READ MORE

Six Tips to Simplify Solar Design

What does the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears have to do with solar? It’s a reminder about how to simplify solar design. When you’re sizing a string system, even one with DC optimisers, you have to worry about whether your inverter is too big or too small.... READ MORE

Myths & Facts on Solar

Myths & Facts on Solar Let’s cut through the myths and spread the facts on solar! The information below has been kindly provided by the Clean Energy Council. More information can be found on their website here. MYTH: Subsidies for solar and ‘green schemes’... READ MORE