Commercial Solar Benefits

Why you should consider opting for solar at your commercial property

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Commercial Solar Installations

While a solar installation at a commercial property may seem like a luxury extra - that only a select few particularly environmentally conscious business owners look to achieve - the benefits of solar power should make this investment an attractive choice for all Queensland business owners. For most businesses, financial returns and cost-cutting can be enough to justify the investment, but opting for solar poses many more benefits to businesses than just the financial bottom line. 

Financial Benefits

For those weighing up the pros and cons of solar, it may seem like solar power requires a hefty price tag with a lot of uncertainty. However, making the switch to clean, reliable solar energy can offer businesses significant savings and dramatic reductions in power costs. With most business hours coinciding with daylight hours, businesses directly use the energy its system is producing, significantly lowering energy consumed from the grid. Looking long term, a solar installation can provide businesses with greater financial stability by insulating against rising power costs and seasonal changes. A high-quality solar system is designed to last several decades and can provide business owners with a fixed, predictable rate that is typically much lower than buying it from the grid. While calculating individual return on investment is dependent on each business’s usage, budget, components, location, and energy load, many businesses see returns as early as 3-7 years after installation. 

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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Over the past decade, there has been a large shift in social priorities, influences, and awareness around pressing worldly issues; including the way we use and generate power. With conventional, grid-powered energy consumption associated with high pollution, CO2 emissions, and negative environmental impacts, tapping into renewables can be an effective solution to counter these outcomes. 

Corporate Image Shift

As the world looks to more environmentally friendly energy solutions, so too do consumers look to businesses to uphold new corporate responsibilities to adhere to these shifts in social priorities. Opting for solar shows a visible and measurable commitment to the environment and identifying your business as part of the clean energy solution is favorable in the current climate. Now more than ever, customers and clients look to a company’s reputation and credentials when responding to prospective contracts. Businesses opting for solar can use these green credentials as marketing leverage and a competitive tool to showcase their commitment to their environmental management plans. While this benefit may seem intangible, opting for solar at your commercial property can be a powerful and noteworthy visual statement to staff, key stakeholders, and prospective clients alike.

Macro Benefits

In a broader sense, Queensland is now producing roughly 20% of its energy from renewables and the Government continues to push to reach 50% renewable energy by 2030. By installing a commercial solar system for your business, you are directly aiding in meeting renewable energy targets and adding to the stability of Australia’s power supply.

We Can Help!


If you are looking to reap the rewards of a solar installation at your commercial property, get in touch with one of our energy consultants. As one of Australia’s longest-serving and most experienced solar installers, we are committed to remaining at the edge of development and providing a cost-effective solution to conventional power sources. With a team of 60+ in-house experts, installers, engineers, and after-sales support we ensure your system will be taken care of and tailor-designed from the initial consult to long after the install is complete. 

If you'd like to learn more about solar in Queensland, click here.
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