High Commercial Electricity Bills without Solar?

I see electricity bills every day and know straight away when looking at a bill whether or not someone is on a good electricity plan or if it needs to be reviewed. Even without the benefits of solar moving to a better electricity plan will enable large savings for an organisation.

If you would like me to look at your business electricity bill I can let you know if you are on the best plan or we can complete a full commercial energy audit.

Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial energy audits can be expensive, if booked in before the end of this financial year Springers are offering free commercial energy audits. An energy audit determines the most effective low-cost means of reducing energy use. A commercial energy audit provides a clear breakdown of how, where, and when electricity is used in your building, as well as the current electric costs and how electric rates apply to the facility and its uses. It presents a specific list of potential modifications with engineering and financial analyses that, if implemented, will yield energy savings. A ranking is applied to the recommended modifications based on financial and other relevant benefits and trade-offs.

We have a Fluke 1730 energy logger for accurate analysis of your business and this is left on site to collect power usage data.

Don’t forget about the  “Instant Asset Write Off Extended to end of June 2018”https://www.ato.gov.au/Newsroom/smallbusiness/Lodging-and-paying/$20,000-insta


Up to 70% off all mobile solar, off-grid, and auto energy system components and accessories.


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