LG NeON H: Made for the Australian Climate!

LG unveils their brand new high-efficiency 390W solar panels.

LG Solar has long been an industry leader in photovoltaic solar solutions focussing a large portion of their efforts in research, development and global sustainability initiatives. Their solar panels; known around the world for their utmost quality and longevity, have long topped the charts and reviews as some of the most reliable in the industry, winning multiple awards for innovation and design. That is why it comes as no surprise that when LG unveiled a new solar panel for residential and commercial PV projects different to any one they manufactured before, the industry got excited. 

The LG NeON H solar module is based on 120 n-type half-cut bifacial solar cells with a power output of 390 W. Striving for industry-leading efficiency at 21.2%, the NeON H modules are said to be packed with the latest technology that gives households improvements that really matter. 

“Our new NeON H solar panel is the most reliable and efficient renewable energy solution that LG has ever created,” the company stated in a recent press release.  

LG has manufactured these panels to be ideally suited for Australia’s and New Zealand’s climate and as such, prioritised the key performance benefits that matter most to a solar installation in these areas. With a heavy focus on versatility, LG has worked to manufacturer a module suitable for any environment including coastal regions, prioritising salt mist corrosion certification, high temperature performance and high wind load resistance. LG NeON H panels are built to perform and last, boasting increased power generation, excellent low light performance and a whopping 25 year product and performance warranty. 

“As one of only a handful of manufacturers with the confidence to offer a quarter-century warranty on its solar products, LG is continuing its commitment to providing efficient, effective solutions that stand the test of time.”

Choosing premium quality panels from a renowned manufacturer like LG has multiple benefits, and while LG components are known for being on the high end of component choices, these panels are extremely well priced for a top of the range solar panel. Boasting low degradation rates, stronger framing and increased wind loading, LG guarantees the NeON H to operate at 90.6% of its original performance after 25 years, making this module a suitable and logical choice for homes and businesses around the country. 

With over 30 years of research and development behind them, LG continue to cement themselves as a powerhouse manufacturer in the solar industry. LG Solar was ranked the number 1 panel in Australia by Choice Magazine in an independent test by the CSRIO, and awarded winner of 'Most Trusted Brand' 2020 and 2021 by Reader's Digest

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