Warranty Information

Springers Solar provides the following product warranties on all our solar system products and installations:

LG Solar Modules25 Year Warranty
Q-Cells Solar Modules12 - 25 Year Warranty
Winaico Solar Modules15 Year Warranty
Fronius Inverters10 Year Warranty
SMA Inverters10 Year Warranty
SolarEdge Inverters12 Year Warranty
Enphase MicroInverters10 Year Warranty
Tesla Batteries10 Year Warranty
BYD Batteries10 Year Warranty
Springers Installation Warranty10 Year Warranty

Performance Warranties

Springers Solar suppliers provide the following warranties on panels performance. Every panel has a different performance percentage, refer to product datasheets for the exact terms of the Linear Performance Warranty.

LG Solar Modules25 Year Linear Performance Warranty
Q-Cells Solar Modules25 Year Linear Performance Warranty
Winaico Solar Modules25 Year Linear Performance Warranty

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