The Enphase Home Energy Solution

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Enphase MicroInverters

Powerful technology at the heart of the Enphase system.

Solar panels may be on top, but it's the inverter that does all the real work. Choosing an inverter technology is the most critical decision you'll make when going solar. Enphase Microinverters offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

High Production, Best Savings                            

Enphase microinverters are proven to produce more energy than other technologies.


Microinverters are safer than other inverter technologies.

More Cost-effective

In addition to the greater energy savings from higher production, Enphase microinverters are just a better long-term investment.

More Reliable                                

Because they function independently, microinverters are inherently more reliable: there's no single point of failure in a microinverter system. Plus, we're obsessive about quality, and our products reflect that.

Enphase AC Battery

Welcome to smarter storage, powered by the new Enphase AC Battery.

Our high-performance energy storage solution brings you more intelligence and better value than anything else, with the industry’s lowest cost of entry and best lifetime value. It pairs seamlessly with Enphase microinverters and other solar technologies to help you make the most of your energy.


  • Prismatic cells from Eliiy Power are highly stable over time

  • Safety certified by TUV Rheinland

  • No high-voltage DC in system

Lower upfront costs

  • More affordable than other storage options

  • Simple installation keeps extra costs low

  • Modular for a solution that’s exactly what you need.

Higher Performance                                

  • 96% round-trip efficiency

  • 2 cycles per day for twice the value and faster payback

  • Most usable capacity (>95% D.O.D.)

Greater reliability          

  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry from Eliiy Power for long cycle life

  • Minimum 10-year expected life

  • No single point of failure

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Enphase Envoy

Meet the brains behind smart home energy.

Meet the Envoy, the brains of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Between collecting real-time data from your microinverters and delivering remote updates back out to them, the Envoy keeps your entire system in constant communication. 

Bi-directional communications

The Envoy delivers performance data from your microinverters to the Web, and carries system updates from the Web to your microinverters. Two directions, optimal benefits.

In-depth monitoring

The Envoy brings you the real-time, module-level performance data that makes it easy to monitor your system or fleet from any web-connected device.

Remote problem-solving

  • The Envoy lets you pinpoint performance issues instantly and resolve them remotely, before they get in the way of system performance.

  • The Envoy saves you time and money on unplanned site visits.

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Enphase Enlighten & Apps

Delivering all the information you need to install, monitor and manage directly to your fingertips. Enphase software puts you in charge.

See system status

The system status indicator provides quick confirmation that all is well. If there’s an issue, the indicator pinpoints the source of the problem and offers troubleshooting tips.

View Past Production

Historical production data lets you view your system’s monthly, daily, or hourly production at a glance.

Understand Weather Factors

See historical weather data to understand performance variations, day to day and season to season.

Understand Weather Factors

See historical weather data to understand performance variations, day to day and season to season.


For System Owners.

With MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Get it at the App Store or Google Play Store.

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