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Off-Grid Systems
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A Tesla Off-Grid system generates and stores solar power, allowing homeowners to live on clean energy, independent of the grid. It is for homes that are not connected to utility power.

  • Best Value

  • Unparalleled Performance

  • Longest Lasting

  • Smartest Software

  • Beautiful, Compact & Clean

How It Works

Powerwall will charge from excess solar and discharge when needed. If you ever run low on energy, Powerwall can automatically turn on the secondary energy source to power the home and charge the Powerwall.

Why Tesla Off-Grid

The Off-Grid system allows you to have a self-contained system of sustainable energy products, completely independent of the grid. Tesla's Off-Grid offering includes consultation about the right-sizing of your system as well as seamless Off-Grid experience: Powerwall is able to charge from a secondary energy source and control the state of charge at which the secondary energy source kicks in. The Tesla app allows you to see your home's energy usage in real-time and make informed decisions. Over the life of your system, updates will be pushed to your system over-the-air.

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Best Value

Tesla's vertical integration and product design offer the lowest cost per kWh of an integrated Off-Grid battery system. Advanced cell technology and battery management allow a superior depth of discharge.

Longest Lasting

When following Off-Grid Installation guidelines, Powerwall offers a 10-year warranty. This long life, with all the capacity available on a daily means basis, means Powerwall will both outlast and outperform traditional Off-Grid energy systems.

Unparalleled Performance

Powerwall integrates a high-performance inverter, thermal controller and battery management system. Powerwall produces high-quality true sine power output to help you live Off-Grid without compromise.

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Beautiful, Compact & Clean

Powerwall is an integrated solution with the highest energy density of any residential battery. This results in compact and beautiful installations, with no maintenance or toxic by-products.

Smartest Software

Tesla products get better over time. Powerwall's active internet connection provides free over-the-air updates to ensure customers have new features and improved functionality. 

Powerwall includes comprehensive monitoring through the mobile app to show your energy usage in real time. For Off-Grid customers this allows a unique insight into your homes energy usage and how you can manage your energy consumption.

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