Bio Concepts


Bio Concepts, a Brisbane based Nutraceuticals firm reached out to Springers Solar as part of the organisation's mission towards environmental sustainability and energy independence. Our team worked to install 2x40kW solar systems at their warehousing and head office facilities in Banyo, Queensland to significantly lower the businesses reliance to conventional grid connected energy. 

The building features a large, flat roof with minimal shading obstruction which made it a perfect candidate for Clenergy's commercial tilt mounting system to take full advantage of sunlight hours for maximum performance. Springers installed 216 SolarEdge optimised 370W panels and a commercial three phase SolarEdge inverter to align with Bio Concept's energy goals. This SolarEdge system allows for full system monitoring down to the individual panel, allowing both Springers Solar and Bio Concepts to access daily production and consumption information as well as grid import and solar export statistics. 

These systems are now covering roughly 40% of the company's energy needs with opportunity to expand this system in the future should their energy needs change.