Batteries Powerwall 2 25kW - 40kW TrinaSolar

COVID has changed the way we do many things, and medical centres across Australia experienced no exemption. Medical practices were forced to make the quick transition to become vaccination hubs and testing clinics, and these changes are likely here to stay. Bray Park Medical Centre has embraced this evolving role, and with critical vaccine fridges and equipment having been permanently installed, the owners were seeking to ensure protection against damaging power blackouts, while also saving on their power bill as a bonus. The owners also wished to rebrand their practice as a green corporation, acknowledging that customers now appreciate businesses making a contribution through switching to renewable energy where they can.

Springers Solar installed 82 x 390W Trina Solar Vertex S Solar Panels on the centre's roof alongside a 29.9kW three phase Sungrow solar inverter, selected for its reliable and high-yielding energy results. The total system size comes to 31.98kW, which was designed for its guarantee to reduce electricity costs and produce a good return on investment. 

In discussions with the owners, our in-house solar consultants and engineers decided on the Tesla Gateway II and Tesla Powerwall II to specifically support and backup the vaccine fridges and large computer database on the premises. The Tesla system will ensure that during power outage events the centre is still fully functional, and critical equipment and vaccines won't have a risk of impact. The Powerwall is the smartest and largest choice in battery storage, making it the obvious choice, and it allows Springers to program with the owners the specific circuits that are essential to be maintained in the event of a power failure. The combination of solar and Tesla battery storage provides the necessary continuous backup solution Bray Park Medical Practice requires. 

Bray Park Medical Practice is set up to experience an estimated 38% reduction in their annual electricity costs, saving approximately $4,900 per annum. With the centre producing 48.7MWh of solar energy every year, they will be saving over 39 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released every year, greatly reducing their carbon footprint.

We are grateful to have worked with Bray Park Medical Centre to ensure their energy goals were met beyond expectation and provide a system that will see return on investment within 3.8 years.