Off-Grid Tiny Home

Batteries Victron Inverters 3kW - 6kW TrinaSolar

This Cedar Creek family engaged Springers Solar to assist them with the design and installation of an off-grid solar and battery system for a tiny home they are building on their rural property. 

Springers Solar had previously upgraded the original homestead’s off-grid system in 2018 after the homeowners experienced consistent issues with their 15-20-year-old system. The old system had been installed by other parties who couldn’t honour warranties or provide after-sales service for our customers. 

“We have a house at the back of the property also with off-grid power. We had it installed 15-20 years ago by another company and had a few others come in after that, but we had Springers do a complete overhaul in 2018 and we haven’t looked back since - we didn’t even get other quotes for this off-grid system [the tiny home], we just knew we wouldn’t do better than Springers."

Off-grid power was an obvious solution to our customers for both their primary home and the tiny home. The family stands by their choice, saying that off-grid power has been a reliable source of energy and more than covers their electricity needs. Backed by the Springers Solar after-sales support team, the family says they don’t need to stress about ongoing maintenance or emergency repairs in case of power failure. 

“The cost of grid connection to our property was $38,000 15-odd years ago, so off-grid was our best option. And we’ve never had a fault with the solar system since 2018. We had one issue with the backup generator but the Springers boys sorted it in 15 minutes, it was fantastic."

For the tiny home being built on the property, our off-grid specialists designed a solar and battery DC-coupled system that would more than meet the occupants' daily energy requirements. After working with the customer to determine their expected energy needs, a 3.4kW solar array and 16kWh battery storage system were installed on the premises. 

8 x 430W Trina Solar Vertex S solar panels were installed on the roof of the tiny home to maximise solar production in a limited space. The Vertex S panel is a backsheet monocrystalline module capable of reaching 21.8% efficiency, offering a superior ability to produce large amounts of solar energy even with few panels. 

The Trina Solar Vertex S panels were also selected for their 25-year product and power warranty to give our customers peace of mind. The quality of the panel and warranty period is especially important for our off-grid customers where solar is their only source of electricity.

The solar array totals 3.4kW and is more than sufficient to charge the 4 x PowerPlus Eco 48V 4kWh Lithium Batteries we selected. The PowerPlus Eco batteries were an excellent choice for this property for their small size, stackable capabilities, and highly reliable nature. These entry-level batteries offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality or efficiency and will provide 16kWh of storage capacity for our customers. 

Victron MPPT and inverter charger components were selected to control and deliver a large amount of solar energy to the batteries, ready for use within the home as 240V power. A Victron Cerbo GX was also installed, allowing the homeowners to view and monitor their system with ease, directly from the energy cabinet. 

Springers Solar's in-house electricians walked our customers through their system once the installation was complete to ensure they were comfortable and capable of monitoring their system from the premises. But if issues do arise, our dedicated after-sales technicians are available for immediate response and assistance to ensure power is back up and running for the tiny home as soon as possible. 

The system is also covered by Springers Solar’s industry-leading and complimentary 10-year workmanship warranty, assuring our customers that their system is protected by Queensland’s most experienced solar companies. 

“Paul and Adam [Springers Solar electricians] are excellent, and the rest of the team who has come here have been so jovial and friendly and hardworking to get the job done well."

This tiny home is now capable of producing electricity 100% off-grid, ready for use once the tiny home’s owners move in. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture