Pelican Waters Solar & Battery

SolarEdge LG Panels Batteries Powerwall 2 15kW+

Panels - LG NeON 2
Optimisers - SolarEdge Optimisers
Inverter - SolarEdge Inverters
Batteries - Tesla Powerwall 2

Today we are looking at a beautiful home in Pelican Waters on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where Springers Solar have installed 42 SolarEdge Optimised LG Neon 2 Solar Modules and some SolarEdge accessories to maximise self-sustainability. 

The customer reached out to Springers Solar hoping to make his home more self-sufficient and to protect his home from blackouts. Springers installed Powerwall for backup power supply and backup protection and SolarEdge Hot Water Immersion for increased control over major load items. 

With a total system capacity of just over 15kW and additional storage capacity of 13kWh this customer is protected from blackouts and is yet to draw ANY power from the grid, achieving the goal of being self-sufficient. SolarEdge monitoring capabilities allow this customer to adjust and monitor his system from anywhere in the world, a feature that allows the customer to switch off high-draw power items when travelling, limiting consumption whenever possible.