The Gap Solar & Battery

LG Panels Enphase Batteries 15kW+

Panels - 62 x LG NeON 2 320W Black Modules
Inverters - 62 x Enphase S270 Micro Inverters
Rated Output of System (kW) - 19.84
Batteries - 2 x Tesla Powerwall 2
Storage Capacity - 27 kWh

When this customer contacted Springers Solar this home in The Gap was in the planning stages, as this area has unreliable power and regular blackouts, Springers Solar quoted on the most affordable, productive system for the customer's location and requirements. The system was designed for optimal power generation on the Western roof as other panel placemenets would have faced south. 

The average daily output of the system over the year will be 84.25 kWh with a max of 104 kWh in Summer and a minimum of 57 kWh in Winter. The 2 Powerwall batteries will assist the homeowners with blackout protection and act as the homes primary power source once the sun goes down. Aesthitically, the LG NeON 2 Black panels work seamlessly with the graphite coloured roof and look more like a rooftop accessory.

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