Fronius GEN24 Hybrid Solar Inverter Review

How to know whether the Fronius GEN24 Hybrid Solar Inverter is right for you: A guide for Queensland homes.

Investing in a solar system for your home or business is a complex decision that requires careful consideration. With a myriad of factors to contemplate, including solar panel types, inverters, and solar batteries, it’s crucial to make educated choices when selecting your components.

As one of Queensland’s most experienced solar installers, we’ve seen our fair share of solar inverters and we know what it takes for a product to be right for a Queensland property. In this blog, we’ll clear all mystery and highlight the features of one of our favourite hybrid solar inverters: the Fronius GEN24. 

Fronius is a well-known name in the solar industry, renowned for its high-quality solar inverters. The GEN24 Inverters are quickly becoming a popular choice in Australia, as this little inverter offers new hybrid technology than other staples in the Fronius inverter range. 

But how does the Fronius GEN24 Inverter rank in the Australian solar market? How do you know if it’s right for your system?

In this evaluation, we will assess the Fronius GEN24 Inverter models based on our standards for high-quality solar inverters:

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Warranty and Lifespan
  • Longevity in the Market
  • After-Sales Support
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Austrian company Fronius was founded in 1945 and has come to be a leader in the solar industry. Renowned for manufacturing a range of highly efficient solar inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale use, Fronius has a strong worldwide reputation.

Fronius is globally established, with over 30 national Fronius companies and Fronius Service Partners in more than 60 countries. They provide top tier solar technology to their network and follow up with ongoing local support.

They also boast a strong connection to their roots, with their “Made in Austria” quality promise. They ensure their local production methods are sustainable and provide comprehensive research and testing to prove it.


The Fronius GEN24 is the newest solar inverter on offer from the company. It’s a hybrid inverter, meaning that it has the ability to store energy in a solar battery for backup, either for use at night or during a power outage.

This is a fantastic option for those considering installing a solar battery either now or in the future, as it guarantees that your solar and inverter system can be connected with ease.

That being said, it’s a very efficient and effective solar inverter, with or without a solar battery connection - it’s just also a great way to future-proof your property for potential battery connection.

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That being said, it’s a very efficient and effective solar inverter, with or without a solar battery connection - it’s just also a great way to future-proof your property for potential battery connection.

The Fronius GEN24 Inverter has a sleek and modern design that is both compact and lightweight, making it suitable for various installation environments. The inverter is available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, with the latter being ideal for larger homes and commercial properties. 

These make up the two base models of the GEN24 range; the Fronius GEN24 Primo and the Fronius GEN24 Symo.


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Power Rating

The power rating of an inverter refers to the maximum output of power that it can produce. It is important to choose a solar inverter that can handle the maximum output of your solar array. 

The Fronius GEN24 Primo offers six output options, allowing you to size your system correctly:

  • 3kW
  • 3.6kW
  • 4kW
  • 4.6kW
  • 5kW
  • 6kW

It is highly recommended that you consult a solar expert to assess what solar capacity your property requires to determine what inverter power rating you need.

Phase Type

The Fronius GEN24 Primo option is a single-phase inverter. Systems with a single-phase inverter provide 240V power to the property. Single-phase systems are typically used for residential applications, where power demands are low. 


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Power Rating

The Fronius GEN24 Symo offers six output options, allowing you to size your system correctly:

  • 3kW
  • 4kW
  • 5kW
  • 6kW
  • 8kW
  • 10kW

It is highly recommended that you consult a solar expert to assess what solar capacity your property requires to determine what inverter power rating you need.  

Phase Type

The Fronius GEN24 Symo option is a three-phase inverter. Three-phase systems are better suited to handling high-powered electrical equipment, such as industrial machinery or large commercial air conditioning systems.

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In addition, both Primo and Symo GEN24 Inverter models can be upgraded to the Fronius GEN24 Plus option. With the “Fronius UP” software installed, your GEN24 inverter becomes GEN24 Plus, offering additional backup support.

Both inverter models come with an anti-islanding function that prevents unintentional shutoffs from occurring during power outages. This function bypasses the built-in islanding (which turns off the whole solar system during a blackout) allowing you to continue to provide power from your panels and/or solar battery to your home.

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The Fronius GEN24 offers this basic backup function as “PV Point” within their software. The upgraded Fronius GEN24 Plus offers the choice of “PV Point" or “Full Backup”, which provides backup power supply for your entire household.

*The Full Backup option is only possible with Symo GEN24 Plus 6-10 kW and Primo GEN24 Plus 3-6 kW.

The Fronius Gen24 Inverter has a number of features that make it an ideal choice for any solar system. It is able to automatically adjust the voltage according to the load and ambient temperature, ensuring that your solar panels are operating at peak efficiency. It’s also designed to maintain consistent efficiency rates across its long lifespan, making the Gen24 one of the most reliable inverters on the market. 

It comes with a built-in battery charge controller which means the inverter can automatically shut down during periods of bad weather or if the battery needs charging. This feature helps prevent damage to your solar system by preventing overcharging and short circuits.


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The Fronius GEN24 Inverter is designed to be highly efficient and reliable, with a power efficiency rating of 98%, making it one of the most efficient battery-based inverters on the market today. 

Its performance is also optimised through the use of an advanced control system that monitors your solar system's operation and adjusts settings automatically if problems occur. This means that you can enjoy a reduced electricity bill while benefiting from high-quality solar energy.

The Fronius GEN24 Inverter is a powerful solar inverter.  It's perfect for residential and commercial use, as well as other applications such as telecommunications infrastructure.

Durability & Reliability

The Fronius Gen24 offers energy conversion efficiency of up to 98%. This means that you can expect high performance from your solar system and you can convert almost all of the energy generated by your solar panels into usable electricity for your home or business throughout all seasons of the year. 

The inverter is also designed to be durable and suitable for the Australian climate, with a robust and weather-resistant design that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Monitoring & Control

The Fronius Gen24 Inverter is easy to install and maintain, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to monitor and control your solar system. 

You can monitor your electricity consumption and solar energy production through Fronius’s dedicated monitoring platform, Solar.Web. It’s an easy-to-understand and accessible platform that makes reading your solar system performance simple.

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When it comes to choosing your components, compatibility is a key aspect to consider, as not all components will be able to integrate with each other, and you don’t want to be pigeonholed into only selecting components from one specific brand. 

The Fronius GEN24 inverter claims to be a solid foundational component for any domestic PV system, as the inverter is compatible with any third party solar panels. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the GEN24 into any PV solar system, giving you flexibility with system design.

However, this flexibility is unfortunately limited when it comes to adding solar storage to your system. The Fronius GEN24 is only compatible with a BYD Battery Box (HVS & HVM). Fortunately, BYD has quite a variety of Battery Box options, so you are still able to tailor your solar storage to your energy needs.

The compatible BYD batteries range from 5.1-10.2kWh (HVS) and 8.3-22.1kWh (HVM) in storage capacity. The BYD batteries are also modular, allowing for additional storage to be added to the system at a later date.

It is also important to note that the Fronius GEN24 combined with the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS is a top-ranker in the 2023 Energy Storage Inspection. This is the fourth year in a row they have been highly ranked, providing a stronger reputation for the efficiency of their inverters in combination with the BYD Battery.

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BYD Battery Box Premium HVS

One Battery-Box Premium HVS contains between 2 & 5 HVS Battery modules that are connected in series, achieving a capacity range of 5.1 to 12.8kWh.

Additionally, the Battery-Box Premium HVS can be connected in parallel allowing a maximum capacity of 38.4kWh. It also has the ability to be scaled by adding HVS modules or parallel HVS stacks later.

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BYD Battery Box Premium HVM

One Battery-Box Premium HVS contains between 3 & 8 B-Plus HVM 2.71 Battery modules that are connected in series, achieving a capacity range of 8.1 to 21.7kWh.

Additionally, the Battery-Box Premium HVM can be connected in parallel allowing a maximum capacity of 65.0kWh. It also has the ability to be scaled by adding HVM modules or parallel HVM stacks later.


The protection of your investment is an integral consideration when choosing your solar system components, which is why we always recommend components with industry-leading warranties. A long-term warranty period is a good indicator of the quality of support you’ll receive from the manufacturer as well as the quality of the component.

As a base standard, all Australian Fronius inverters come with a five-year warranty period. Fronius owners are also offered an additional five-years warranty when they register their Fronius inverter in the Fronius Solar.Web (instructions to do so can be found on the Fronius website). This takes the total warranty period for Fronius products in Australia to 10 years.

On top of this, Fronius also offers owners the option to purchase longer extensions for their warranties if they want extra investment security.

These options allow Fronius customers to benefit from the quality service of the Fronius Support team well into the future. The inverter is also designed to last for many years, with an expected lifespan of up to 25 years. Together this can provide those with, or those looking to purchase, Fronius inverters peace of mind knowing their components will last.


25 years of experience in the solar industry has earned Fronius a strong reputation amongst solar energy providers. With  a vested interest in sustainable energy and technologies, their knowledge of the industry has created a strong foundation for them to manufacture some of the highest quality products on the market.

Fronius have received some exceptional achievements within the solar industry, including:

  • 2007: The Austrian National Environmental and Energy Technology Award
  • 2013: Plus X Award (Galvo & Symo – Product of the Year)
  • 2015: Plus X Award (Symo Hybrid – Product of the Year)
  • 2016: MTB Gold Medal Award (Energy Package)
  • 2020: Intersolar Award (Symo GEN24 Plus)
  • 2022: Intersolar Award (Wattpilot)

    Backed by a passion for success and support within the industry, it’s safe to say that Fronius will be forging forward for a while longer.
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Fronius offers excellent support for their products in Australia, with a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

They also offer technical support and training resources for installers and customers alike, ensuring that you have all the information and resources you need to get the most out of your solar system. Fronius customers are guaranteed to be in good hands if any issues arise with the units.

Hand-in-hand with a good installer who will also service and support your warranty requests, you’re guaranteed to run into as few issues as possible down the line. Springers Solar has been operating for over 21 years and as one of Queensland’s longest-serving solar installers, we have established solid relationships with our suppliers, including Fronius, to ensure that our customers receive the best after-sales support possible. 

Springers Solar’s after-sales support team is Brisbane-based.


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Fronius upholds high standards of sustainable practices within their manufacturing process. From product materials, to production processes, to their employees, Fronius maintain an unwavering commitment to their “sustainably designed, sustainably made” motto.

During their production design process, they ensure that the components require little space and resources and can be easily replaced if necessary. This process has been audited by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM.

Their manufacturing sites boast a wide range of sustainable practices, with all the information available via their website. Here’s a few of their key practices:

  • All sites ISO 14001 certified
  • 81% of energy consumption - including mobility and maintenance - from renewable sources
  • 100% of all metal components and electronic prints made in Austria and 100% assembly in Austria
  • 35% CO2 reduction in logistics (from 2017 - 2020)
  • 90% of the packaging (cardboard and plastic) is recyclable
  • 100% compliance with the WEEE directive and preference for regional suppliers
  • Specifically, the GEN24 inverter boasts the use of 100% recycled aluminium in the cooling elements of the inverter.


The Fronius Gen24 Inverter is a high-quality solar inverter that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and support. Its sleek and modern design, high efficiency, and versatile compatibility make it an excellent choice for any solar installation. With a comprehensive warranty and long lifespan, the Fronius Gen24 Inverter is a smart investment for anyone looking to switch to solar power.

Decided you'd like Fronius installed on your property? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote from our expert Brisbane team.

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Solar Will Only Save You Money and Perform as Promised When Installed by a Reputable and Long-Standing Installer

It is critical to choose your solar installer carefully if you decide to proceed with solar. Unfortunately, the solar industry is fraught with companies whose aim is to make a quick buck with a cheap install with cheap components. If you think the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Always choose a solar installer that has been trading for at least 10-15 years. A long-standing installer will be able to honour their warranties and service guarantees. A ‘solar orphan’ is someone whose installer has fallen out of business and thus has no points of contact for warranty claims or system support (unfortunately, this happens a lot more than you may think!).

Your solar installer should also complete a site inspection and analysis of your personal energy needs, to design a system that is most suited to your energy goals. On-site inspections are preferable, as this will help to avoid any hidden fees or additional costs that may be incurred come the day of installation (as pricing is always subject to inspection). 

In summary, the most important things to look for when selecting an installer are evidence of customer testimonials focused on reliability and honesty, a high standard of workmanship, warranty periods, and quality components.

Springers Solar | Queensland's Most Experienced Solar Installer

Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support. Thousands of satisfied customers over more than 21 years of operation make Springers Solar one of the most established and experienced solar companies in Australia.

Springers Solar has received multiple awards for design and installation and is a certified/preferred installer for a large range of solar panel, inverter, and solar battery manufacturers, including Tesla, Fronius, and SolarEdge.

Our dedicated in-house team of electrical engineers, project managers, solar PV designers, solar installers and electricians work closely with you before, during, and long after your project is completed. Springers Solar offers an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty which is a testament to our qualified staff and offers you outstanding value and peace of mind.

Visit our About Us page here!


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