Know your Products: Dual Battery Earthing

Know your Products: Dual Battery Earthing

In this short write up we will be answering a few commonly asked questions we receive on a daily basis. “What is an Earth?” In an automotive electrical situation, the earth is the Negative terminal of the start battery. Using the chassis as an earthing point... READ MORE

Going off grid…is it a good idea?

Going off grid with battery storage. There is very active discussion advising clients that once battery technology is cheap enough then taking your house off the grid is viable. Springers Solar do not recommend this even with the anticipated reduction in battery... READ MORE

What you need to know about 12V Lithium Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are making a big impact on the RV and home storage market and our staff at   Springers Solar are well equipped to answer your questions about them.  We design energy systems for RV, Residential and Commercial markets and Lithium... READ MORE

Six Tips to Simplify Solar Design

What does the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears have to do with solar? It’s a reminder about how to simplify solar design. When you’re sizing a string system, even one with DC optimisers, you have to worry about whether your inverter is too big or too small.... READ MORE

Myths & Facts on Solar

Myths & Facts on Solar Let’s cut through the myths and spread the facts on solar! The information below has been kindly provided by the Clean Energy Council. More information can be found on their website here. MYTH: Subsidies for solar and ‘green schemes’... READ MORE

Australia’s renewable energy target summary

What’s the good news? The Government has formally approved a Renewable Energy Target The Small Scale Solar program has been saved The Large Scale Solar program was trimmed but has been saved Support for residential solar is confirmed and unchanged Support for... READ MORE

Battery storage is here for your home

You will have read a number of articles announcing the new Tesla Battery Technology. The good news is Tesla has been a ‘game changer’ in getting to a realistic price point and others will follow. In the near future we estimate batteries will be even more... READ MORE

How does Solar PV work

How does solar PV work? Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are generally fitted on the roof in a northerly direction and at an angle to maximise the amount of sunlight that hits the panels. Solar PV panels on the roofs of homes and businesses generate clean electricity by... READ MORE

Solar And Battery Usage With Eddie Springer

Eddie Springer will be presenting several seminars on Solar and Battery Usage at the Caravan and Camping Expo 2015. Many travelers rely on batteries and solar in their travels around Australia. But are they the right products for the job? Our specialist presenter... READ MORE

Tesla Power Wall

Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home Exciting news has been released from Telsa that they will be offering a home battery storage solution.  Springers Solar will endeavor to lead the industry by installing the new Tesla Powerwall once it becomes available in... READ MORE

F250 Solar & Lithium Battery install

The installation when only the best will do! Check out the latest installation by Springers Solar. 2 x 105W CNPV panels were installed to take full advantage of the available space on the canopy and to allow for fridge and other loads to be adequately supplied whilst... READ MORE
Springers now offering Winaico Solar

Springers now offering Winaico Solar

Springers Solar has extended its range to include Winaico panels.  Currently outperforming all others at desert knowledge Australia When you buy from WINAICO, you are buying products from a manufacturer specialising in premium-quality solar... READ MORE

Solar Trickle Charger Kits

If you’re leaving your Caravan, Motor-home or Boat battery in storage than you need to prevent self discharge from your battery. Springers Solar offers a full range of trickle charger kits with optional pole mount and power output capabilities.   All come with a... READ MORE

Solar absolutely worthwhile.

The Grid feed in tariff in Qld is now only 6c for Origin Energy.  8c for AGL  . 10c to 12c for Click Energy.  Solar generation during the day can cut the day use from the grid entirely and save 28c per Kwh. It makes economic sense for ‘at home customers’... READ MORE

Three Generations of Springers at Springers Solar

  Some 13 years ago husband and wife team Brian and Cheryl Springer, together with their son Joseph, started a shop on the outskirts of Brisbane in Strathpine, to specialise in 12V and 24V products for the recreational traveller. From those humble beginnings... READ MORE