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Why you should look at SolarEdge for your residential system

Springers Solar chooses our suppliers very carefully. These relationships are very important to us. They allow us to choose the quality of the products based on warranty, longevity in the market and the service and support we get in Australia. Choosing the right components and even down to the DC isolators and the cable used on the roof ensures that your system will perform safely over a long period of time.

Springers Solar offers a large range of components to suit any budget, but we choose those components carefully. So even our entry-level system is a high-quality component with a good warranty from a company that offers service and support within Australia. SolarEdge is an optimized solution so it is different from a conventional string inverter. The SolarEdge inverter allows us to get communications directly to your solar panel, but it's not an easy product to install. You need to be careful in the way you design the system, the number of panels in a string and how those strings are installed on the roof. If you install solar edge incorrectly, you can have, real difficulty getting the system to perform a well-designed SolarEdge system goes together seamlessly and works effectively.

We're here at a large residential property in Newport with a three-phase SolarEdge system on it. We chose SolarEdge at this property because of the versatility, it gives us in the design on the roof. The roof here is quite complex, there are a few shading structures and there are a few different levels. SolarEdge was able to accommodate our design needs at these premises, allowing us to implement a 30-kilowatt system. So, there are large air conditioning loads here, there's the pool there's hot water system we can monitor that in real-time to see how much energy is being consumed and then also see how much solar energy we're producing. This is a large sophisticated solar system and from this system, we are controlling different items within the house. The SolarEdge smart relay allows us to control the pool pump. The SolarEdge immersion controller allows us to control the hot water system. All of these items, as well as the Tesla battery increases, the self-consumption at this property. Springers Solar and all our employees have been through extensive SolarEdge training this ensures that the systems are designed and installed to the specifications required by SolarEdge to make the system work.

Our customers got a large quarterly bill here so we were looking to reduce that bill as much as possible. We've maximized the amount of solar we can put on the roof here to reduce their energy needs, maximize their self-consumption so that we can get that bill down as far as possible per quarter. This property here uses a lot of power; They're looking at putting in some pool heating, they've got an electric hot water system. All of those items can be controlled from the SolarEdge inverter system, smart homes, smart solar relays, smart solar panels make an excellent choice for SolarEdge at this property. Optimisers are the future of solar technology. We are able to see module-level data, in 10 years’ time, we will be able to see the performance of individual panels. This ensures your warranty, your performance, your system output can be kept at a high level. No other DC system has this capability.

If you require further information, get in touch with us for a quote. I'm Eddie Springer, Springers Solar, Thank you.

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