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Projecta IDC45:

Following the enormous success of the IDC25 DC/Solar Battery charger, Projecta has now released a 45 Amp version that combines many of the market-leading features of the original, with a much larger output designed to deliver faster charging and handle more demanding applications. This allows you to charge your 12V second/auxiliary deep cycle battery on the go, the IDC45 is shock, vibration and dust proof. The unit is also water resistant, making it suitable for both in-vehicle and under-bonnet installation.

Able to charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator (9–32V) inputs, IDC45 can also function as an MPPT solar controller and features dual charging modes for compatibility with both smart and conventional alternators. Loaded with a host of safeguard features, the easy to install unit includes over/under voltage, anti-sparking, reverse connection and over temperature protection systems to ensure peace of mind.

A truly sophisticated dual battery management system ideal for 4WD and camper trailer applications. Provides an advanced 3 stage charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator inputs.The IDC45 provides the ultimate solution for the most demanding DC/Solar battery charging applications.

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Over Temperature Protection- IDC45 will automatically adjust its output based on battery temperature, preventing overcharge and overheating in small batteries and hotter climates.

Reverse Connection Protection- The charger will detect and indicate a reversed connection on the input and output terminals, preventing damage to the internal circuitry of the unit.

Over and Under Voltage Protection- IDC45 will automatically shut down if it detects an over voltage or under voltage problem, preventing damage to the battery.

Engine bay installation- Sealed to IP67, the IDC is dust, splash and shock proof and can safely operate in extreme temperatures up to 80°C

Dual charging modes- Engineered to work with both smart and conventional alternators.

Over and Under Voltage Protection- IDC45 will automatically shut down if it detects an over voltage or under voltage problem, preventing damage to the battery.

Multi chemistry- Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, Calcium AGM or Gel. You can simply adjust battery chemistry at the touch of a button for optimum charging.

Dual input operation- Simultaneous dual battery charging from both solar and alternator inputs. 

MPPT solar regulator- Using sophiscated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar regulator technology, IDC45 operates as a solar controller, maximising the power generated from panels.

Switch mode technology- Featuring the latest synchronous switching technology, IDC45’s efficiency exceeds 94% at typical full load conditions, converting your vehicle’s 12V DC / 24V DC alternator power to a more complete charge and prolonging battery life.

Ignition connection- IDC45 can be wired to the vehicle ignition, allowing it to operate only when ignition is turned on. This ignition connection also enables a “low input operation” mode, for compatibility with smart (variable voltage) alternators found in modern vehicles.

*Please note that this model is not suitable for charging lithium batteries.


Part no:


Charge type:

3 stage

Alternator input voltage:

9-32 VDC

Max solar input:

28 VDC, 693W

Output current:

Input 9-11 VDC 37A
Input 11-32 VDC 45A

Back drain on aux battery: 


Charger control:

Gel: 14.1V, 

AGM: 14.4V

Wet: 14.7V, 

Calcium: 15.4V

Battery capacity:


Batteries supported:

Gel, AGM, Wet & Calcium

Smart alternator:

12V: Turn On: 12.2-20V
Turn Off: <11.9V 

24V: Turn On: 24.4-32V
Turn Off: <24V

Conventional alternator: 

12V: Turn On: 13.4-20V
Turn Off: <12.8V 

24V: Turn On: 26.8-32V

Turn Off: <25.6V

Operating temperature:

-10°C to +80°C


2 years

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