Queensland Electricity Prices To Increase By Up To 22% on July 1

Residents and small business owners are set to see further electricity bill increases from July 1, 2023.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has disclosed that Queensland residents should brace themselves for a considerable surge in their electricity bills, with an anticipated increase of up to 22% taking effect from July 1, 2023.

The ABC reports that rising inflation is the primary cause of the increase. As Australia’s cost of living escalates, electricity retailers will persist in passing wholesale power costs onto the consumer. 

South East Queensland residents without a controlled load can expect their electricity bills to increase by 21.5%. Residential customers with a controlled load will see a 20.5% increase. 

Small business owners in South East Queensland are expected to be hit the hardest, with an expected 21.9% increase in their commercial electricity costs. 

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Electricity Prices Continue To Rise in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, data reveals a long history of fluctuating electricity prices in Australia, primarily characterised by a consistent upward trend that impacts consumers. Notably, since March 2021, there has been a substantial surge in electricity prices, highlighting the inherent instability within the market and exacerbating the ongoing cost-of-living crisis experienced by Australians in recent years.

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Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

While electricity price hikes have become commonplace, with yearly fluctuations, it's unfortunate that consumers have limited options to address this issue. However, there are steps homeowners and businesses can take to mitigate the impact of price increases. Making certain lifestyle adjustments, such as switching to energy-efficient LED lighting, powering down appliances at the wall, or opting for air-drying instead of using the dryer, can help shield against the full force of rising prices. 

One of the most significant ways to decrease dependence on grid electricity is by investing in a solar energy system. By installing solar panels on your roof, you gain the ability to power your home or business using self-generated solar energy rather than relying solely on the grid. This empowers you to reduce your reliance on conventional electricity sources and enjoy the benefits of sustainable, cost-effective solar power. 

Solar Energy: An Effective Long-Term Solution to Reduce Electricity Costs

With a high-quality solar energy system customised to match your energy needs and property specifications, you can achieve substantial savings on your annual electricity costs, amounting to hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in savings. The savings you generate from solar can significantly hedge your bill, meaning you won't see the impacts of electricity price hikes as abruptly as someone without solar.

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In Queensland, 1 in 3 homes already has solar installed on their roof. Homeowners with solar enjoy tangible benefits such as reduced electricity bills, heightened energy independence, and a shield against the annual price fluctuations imposed by retailers. 

In addition to homeowners, small businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy as a viable solution to combat the escalating energy costs. By harnessing solar, Queensland businesses can not only mitigate the impact of rising electricity expenses but also achieve reasonable payback periods for their initial investment, thanks to the substantial savings generated.

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Solar Self-Consumption Reduces Electricity Costs

Using as much power during the day while your solar energy system produces power is the best way to avoid a large electricity bill from your retailer. 

Using your solar as it is being produced is called solar self-consumption, and there are ways to optimise this so your home relies more on solar energy than electricity from the grid. 

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"Using as much power during the day while your solar system produces power is the best way to avoid a large electricity bill".

Maximise your energy efficiency by strategically setting timers on significant energy-consuming appliances, ensuring they operate during daylight hours and can benefit from solar power offset. This practice extends to various appliances, including your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, pool cleaning systems, and temperature control devices.

For Queensland businesses, this is exactly why solar can be of such large benefit - your operations can be offset with solar if the majority of your activities take place during regular business hours while the sun is at its peak.

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Solar Battery Storage: Continue to Offset Power Usage at Night and Generate More Savings

Solar battery storage is the best way to maximise solar self-consumption as it allows you to continue to use your solar energy even at night time. 

A solar battery will store excess energy generated from your system during the day, which you can access at night or during power outages. This can completely eliminate the need to draw power from the grid, reducing your electricity bills to virtually zero.

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Solar batteries can be incorporated into existing solar energy systems or designed into new systems. Batteries such as Tesla Powerwall are still a substantial investment for many Australians, but for those looking for complete energy independence, a solar battery system is the ultimate solution. 

We recommend Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Home Battery, BYD batteries, and Sungrow storage solutions.

Always discuss with a reputable solar and battery installer whether solar batteries are the right option for you. We are Queensland’s most experienced installer and are fully accredited in battery design and installations. We are Tesla Premium Certified Installers.

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Springers Solar installation: x2 Tesla Powerwalls

Springers Solar installation: Sungrow Battery

Take Advantage of Australia's Solar Rebate

Save on the upfront costs of solar with Australia’s federally-funded solar rebate. 

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are available for Australians looking to install a solar energy system on their residential or commercial property. Your solar installer will assist you in determining how many STCs you are eligible for (in short, it’s based on the size of your solar system) and will advise how much this will offset the upfront purchase price of the installation.

STCs, or the “rebate”, decrease in value every year as we near 2030 when the scheme is due to expire. This means the sooner you install solar, the larger your rebate will be.

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Or, chat to our team here. It’s a confusing process, and we’re happy to help.

Springers Solar | Queensland's Most Experienced Solar Installer

Springers Solar provides quality components with proven performance, backed by industry-leading warranties, and dedicated after-sales support. Thousands of satisfied customers over more than 21 years of operation make Springers Solar one of the most established and experienced solar companies in Australia. 

Springers Solar has received multiple awards for design and installation and is a certified/preferred installer for a large range of solar panel, inverter, and solar battery manufacturers, including Tesla, Trina Solar, and SolarEdge.

Our dedicated in-house team of electrical engineers, project managers, solar PV designers, and electricians work closely with you before, during, and long after your project is completed. Springers Solar offers an industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty which is a testament to our qualified staff and offers you outstanding value and peace of mind.

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