Five big mistakes people make when buying a solar system in Australia

There are a few things to look out for when making an investment into solar energy

An investment into solar energy for your home or business can be a daunting and confusing process. With countless considerations; the system size, roof location, design, components, and more, it can be easy to fall into a few traps in the search for the perfect system. Like any industry,  there are companies that fall short of their commitments and promises, components that don’t perform, and general pitfalls that can cost homeowners thousands in the quest to increase their solar consumption.

But all is not lost. Here are the five big mistakes people make when buying a solar system and how you can avoid them! 

1.      Prioritising cost over quality

It’s easy to see why people choose the cheapest option when shopping for a system; cheap = savings, right?
Not quite… Choosing the cheapest system and company may seem like the most cost-effective solution but can often lead to problems later on and costs spiking.

Cheap solar is one of the biggest issues in the industry, often leaving homeowners at the mercy of untrustworthy companies installing inferior components with no after-sales support. Time and time again we see people fall victim to cheap, unlawful solar companies bailing on customers, voiding warranties and leaving their customers without support with a system that doesn’t deliver on its promises. While choosing a premium system from a premium installer might require a larger initial cash injection, it pays off in long-term performance, workmanship and product warranties, energy savings and ongoing after-sales support.    

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2.      Not checking the installers after-sales support details

Solar is a notable investment, and ensuring you are receiving the largest return on that investment comes down to making sure your solar panels are performing at their maximum efficiency. A premium solar system can last upwards of 25+ years and when installed correctly are relatively low maintenance and require very little upkeep. In saying that, problems can always arise, and ensuring your chosen installer has your back in the event of an issue is vital to getting your energy production back on track and ensuring you get the most from your system.

Cheap solar companies often fall short or completely miss the mark when it comes to providing customers with monitoring and support capabilities. When inevitable issues arrive and the installer is nowhere to be seen, customers are left with a long list of repairs, maintenance, and an underperforming system. 

When shopping the market for a solar energy installer, make sure you prioritise a company that offers these benefits:

  • Ongoing customer service
  • A decent workmanship warranty 
  • Is the after-sales support Australian-based?
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3.      Not researching the installer and the components before your installation

Making sure you are installing your solar system through a reputable company with a track record of success is vital to ensure your system will live up to the standards promised. The Clean Energy Council is the leading regulatory body in the solar industry, focussing on raising standards and maintaining integrity within the industry. Choosing an installer that employs CEC certified installers and designers means you can be confident that your system will be safely installed by a qualified professional. Without these credentials, you will not be eligible for government rebates and the overall safety of your install comes into question.

Always ensure your chosen installer has the appropriate credentials; most large-scale component manufacturers such as LGQ-Cells and Enphase display recommended installers in your area.

While a lot of solar components may look the same there can be a massive difference in performance and efficiency, so getting to know the products your installer is providing is vital. Take a look at forums, reviews and recommendations before committing to exactly the components your chosen installer uses. Ask your solar provider to explain why they chose those products, the warranty available and the brand/manufacturer. If you aren’t sold on those components, get a second opinion.   

4.      Installing the wrong size system

There might be nothing worse than making an investment into solar energy, only to find out your system isn’t meeting your energy requirements. Scaling your solar system to fit your energy needs and goals should be the first checkpoint when planning an install, but it can often get overlooked.  A reputable solar installer will always discuss and plan the system design around your current energy consumption, energy goals and potential for system expansion in the future.

5.      Not setting up system monitoring

After all the effort that comes with picking and installing a system for your home or business, it would be a shame to not reap the full range of rewards that comes with it. Installing a monitoring system that reads and delivers data on your energy production and consumption as well as detailed analysis of your system’s health can help you ensure your system is performing to its full capacity. While this does take a small level of proactive monitoring it does pay off in long-term energy savings. 

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Now you know…

Making the switch to clean reliable energy can be easy if you know what to look out for. Ensuring you’ve done your research on the installer and their components, asked the right questions, and prioritised quality over cost you are well on your way to increasing your solar consumption.

How we can help

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